Procrastination has been a man’s problem for centuries.
It is a lifestyle habit that has been living in the psychology of humans for a long time.
Procrastination is defined as the act of delaying a task or a decision. It is a habit that prevents you from doing what you want to do by simply postponing it to another time or date.

In the modern day, procrastination has posed a major setback for people to accomplish set goals, especially among the young populace. They procrastinate tasks that could quickly be done in a matter of minutes or a few hours as the case may be, to never doing it at all.

Even in the corporate world, this has been a major issue between employees and employers. Employees procrastinate on tasks assigned to them by their employers. This delays productivity in the organization and results in queries and other punishments.

In the household too, procrastination poses a barrier to getting things done. For example, when you make plans to fix the broken leg of your reading table, you then postpone until another day. Eventually, the table’s fractured leg gets worse and finally pulls off and this will require complete replacement which will cost a lot of money. This is one of the disadvantages of procrastinating.

Many argue that procrastination is a spirit –an unusual spirit that lives in humans and prevents them from doing things. Well, this sounds like a superstitious belief. There has not been any proof of this.

How to stop procrastinating
Stopping procrastinating is a personal decision. It takes a determined mind to put an end to that. If you have fully made up your mind, then this is a good start.

The first step to stopping procrastination is to outline your goals. Outline your goals and set aside time to execute them. If possible, give yourself a time limit and place a penalty on yourself if you fail to execute any of them.

Hold yourself accountable. Like the first point above, there should be a penalty for failing to execute tasks. Hold yourself accountable.
Set deadlines. It is advisable to set deadlines for tasks you wish to accomplish.
Break your work into parts. This point can be perceived as a ‘lazy man’s work’ but it is not. Executing bulky tasks at a stretch can be draining. It is advised you break them into different parts to enable you to execute them completely. Breaking them into parts can make them less difficult for you.

Summarily, procrastination is one of the main barriers to making the right decision that can transform your life. If you can beat procrastination, you can beat a whole lot of stumbling blocks in front of you.


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