Ekweremadu to appear in court on Tuesday, after 223 days of detention


Ike Ekweremmadu, former deputy president of the Nigerian Senate will appear in court on Tuesday in the United Kingdom where he has been accused of human trafficking and organ harvesting.

In June 2022, Ekweremmadu was accused at Heathrow Airport in London after he report was filed against him by a young man who claimed he was trafficked into the United Kingdom.

He was arraigned in the UK court for bringing a child for organ harvesting. However, he was granted bail by a criminal court in London after he was arrested.

The trial for the legislator, which was originally planned for May, is now set for January 31.

The 60-year-old will reappear before Mr. Justice Johnson of the High Court after rejecting the accusations made against him.

On November 7, 2022, his daughter Sonia had testified in court to deny the charge that she had brought a homeless man into the UK illegally so she could take his organs.

The 25-year-old, who is facing a kidney-related disease, pleaded not guilty to the accusation brought against her when she returned to court on January 13, according to Daily Mail.

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