soludo, obi

Anambra state governor, Prof. Chukwuma Soludo has said that the investment of Peter Obi in Anambra during his tenure as governor is now worth almost nothing.

Prof. Soludo said this during the Channels TV Politics Today on Thursday, November 10.

This was a response to the question about government investment with Peter Obi in mind.

“I don’t know about the investment. Our interview is about the 2023 budget. I’m not talking about the investments of any of my predecessors. By the way, the one that you talked about I don’t know about that.

I think there was something I read about somebody speculating about whatever investment. With what I’ve seen today, the value of those investments is worth next to nothing. So, let’s leave that aside.”

“We are handing out employment letters to more than 5, 000 teachers to end an era of schools without teachers. We are going to have over 240 doctors and consultants to man our general hospitals, so if you look at the five fingers approach of our programmes,  we designed our budget to keep our eyes on the ball,” he said.


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